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Dealing with disasters: impact of occupational stress in journalists’ well-being

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Dealing with disasters: impact of occupational stress in journalists’ well-being
Susana Monteiro
Lisbon University – Psychology Faculty (Portugal)

ABSTRACT: Recent studies have considered journalists as first responders (Osofsky, Holloway & Pickett, 2005;Law, 2007) due to the fact that they are exposed to the same stressors as policemen, firemen and health personal, and so they can exhibit the same emotional answers and present vulnerability levels alike the emergency professionals. Using the Holistic Model of Occupational Stress (Nelson & Simmons, 2002) we interviewed 25 Portuguese journalists about stressors, distress, coping strategies AND also about positive stress (eustress) and savoring. Results reveal that there is more eustress than distress among these professionals in disaster fields. They perceive their daily work with higher distress. There seems to be some evidence for PTSD signs but also for posttraumatic growth among journalists that work in disasters. Psychological support after distressing experiences is seen by them as a useful and needed tool to overcome the possible downsides of that same experience.

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